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following back everyone until i find a tumblr gf♡
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following back everyone until i find a tumblr gf♡

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following back everyone until i find a tumblr gf♡
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following back everyone until i find a tumblr gf♡

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♡ find your best posts on my blog ♡
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♡ find your best posts on my blog ♡

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 ☑ School Supplies

Now I can cross out that part off of my things-to-buy list. ^_^

I didn’t know that you can’t add Read More on a photo post. o.O Until now XD Oh well, sorry for the long post. ;)

And here are the things I bought:

  • Notebooks

Eight notebooks, to be exact. Since I’m now in College, I only got six subjects, P.E. included (and I don’t think we even need to take down notes on that subject to begin with). But the thing is, I’m that kid who takes down notesand that kid with complete notes. I don’t know, maybe it’s just out of habit - I like taking down notes. It makes me look eager and nerdy, and I like that. x) I want people to think I’m smart because I take down notes. No kidding. And also, you wouldn’t think that this taking-down-notes thing actually brings you closer to your crush. <3 Lol, but yes, people, even your crush, would borrow your notes esp. when it’s nearing mid-term exams and finals, so it wouldn’t hurt to jot down notes. x) Take my word for it. *wink*

And did I mention, I’m a perfectionist? ;) I want my notes to be neat and organized. I’m not that kid whose notebooks are full of erasures, so I have these mini notebooks (also my universal notebooks) where I first write down notes while listening to the teacher. Then I rewrite everything on my notebook. It’s a lot of work, but it can also be a great strategy for reviewing your lessons. You rewrite your notes, you relive the lesson. ;) (And oh yeah, I bought four mini notebooks, and hopefully, they’ll last until the end of school year.)

  • Math notebook, steno

I also bought a “Math notebook”. The one with the graphing-paper type. And two stenos, just in case. You never know when they’re gonna be needed. ;)

  • Filler

I don’t have a binder, but some teachers prefer filler for laboratory purposes and such. But that was in high school, I don’t know if this would be the same case for college.

  • Colored paper

This would really be of great use for project purposes and stuff like that. But honestly, I still don’t know how I’ll use this, but you just can’t go off to college without pieces of colored paper. Hihi. Coupon bonds won’t suffice, by the way. ;)

  • Index cards

Kahit anong size, meron na ‘ko niyan. >:) Just because there are professors who use index cards for recitation. I’m not sure in college if recitation’s still part of the class standing tho.

  • Ruler, triangle, protractor

Do I still need to elaborate? Perfect for making lines, and triangles, and different shapes, and angles.

  • Clearbook

So I can organize my papers, i.e. exam paper, research paper, any type of paper.

  • Periodic table, mathematical formulas, world map, map of the Philippines

I don’t know if Periodic table’s gonna be of help because I just remember that I don’t have Chemistry for a subject. But I have this roommate of mine who’s taking up BS Chemical Engineering, and I dunno, maybe I can lend her my Periodic table if she needs one. :)

Well, my list of mathematical formulas is surely gonna be of great help since I’m taking up Math 17.

And of course, both maps, I think, would also be needed because I have a Geography subject. I dunno, maybe we’ll just tackle the different land and water forms and it’ll turn out we don’t need a map at all. Loljk.

I would just like to say this: I love maps, and yeah, Geography I can distinguish which country belongs to this continent, and for some part, I even memorized the capital of this and that country. (I used to play in Encarta wherein the world map’s a jigsaw puzzle you need to solve.)

  • Clippers

For clipping paper, duuh

  • Pencil cases

I bought two - one for color pens, sign pens, pentel pens, and highlighter, and another for ballpens. I’m fond of organizing things. I have OCD.

  • Umbrella

You cannot not have this. A must when it’s scorching hot or drizzling cold.

  • Coin purse, cellphone pouch

Not really a part of school supplies. I bought a mini wallet, so I can carry it comfortably without worrying for snatchers. ;)

  • Square native box

It just caught my eye, so I bought it. Haha. It’s like a mini treasure box. >:)

  • Fans

I have three. One’s a Spanish fan, and the other two are foldable fans. Para sa mainit na panahon. Since polluted ang Mnl, expected na sobrang init doon. Iba pa rin ang handa laban sa heatstroke. >:)

  • Color pens, sign pens, ballpens, pentel pens, highlighter

Color pens and sign pens for my typography hobby. Lol. Ballpens for er, schooling purposes. Pentel pens, you never know when you’ll need them. XD Highlighter’s always been a friend when I need to “highlight” important things. x)

Dinamihan ko na yung ballpens kasi ako yung tipong madaling makawala ng ballpen. Haha.

  • Diary

For two years, I have the same design for my diary - polka dots. And this year won’t be an exception. Looking forward to more journal entries on my first year of college. Hopefully, there’d be many stories and secrets to tell my diary, stories that are as epic as I have encountered them on my high school years.

  • Thesaurus, dictionary of English idioms, Mathematics dictionary, 1000 Thrilling Dreams and Their Meanings

Thesaurus, so I can add new words to my vocabulary and also so that I can make a new Tumblr post that involves flowery words. ;)

Dictionary of English idioms, same reason.

Mathematics dictionary, because my course deals with some Mathematical words like “Statistics”. x)

1000 Thrilling Dreams and Their Meanings, I don’t know how I can use this in school, but I’d like to know the meaning behind my dreams and why I have them.

  • Glue

As useful as scissors.

  • Nail cutter, stainless pusher, hair clips, hairbrush

Grooming purposes. Stainless pusher, only when I’m using nail polish. Lol >:)

Those are the things I bought and someday, when the time comes, I would need in my college life. ;)

To think, I’m almost all set for college. ;)

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Requested- Kendall Street Style Outfits that can be worn to College Classes (how you dress for class really depends on how dressed up or down you want to be- some people prefer to be more casual, while others like to dress up a little more)


My dorm to remind me of home!🐚🌅
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My dorm to remind me of home!🐚🌅

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just my edit